I got a lot of requests to compare different cheeses so here we go!

They are all quite high in Saturated fat, but we all know cheese are high in fat in general.

What I want you to look at here is Sodium… Processed cheese has got a whopping 1155mg of Sodium per 100g compared to mozzarella which has just under 300mg…

I would choose either the mozzarella or creamed cottage cheese here.

Mozzarella doesn’t really taste like much and by cutting it into shapes, even a fussy eater will have a nibble. It is also the only cheese which has a little bit of Fibre in.. Bonus!

The Cheddar and gouda is basically the same when it comes to nutritional value and a bit on the high side of Sodium.

Again if you give a few blocks of Cheddar or gouda in a week, not a trainsmash, but if your little one is like Bouter, she will eat the block of cheese like an apple, so rather limit the amount and cut it into smaller shapes and sizes!

The creamed cottage cheese is not a bad ‘sandwich spread’ once or twice a week..

Please remember different brand may differ when it comes to nutritional value, these are the only ones I could actually find with a nutritional label.