In the next few blogs I want to compare some lunchbox snacks, to give you a little bit of help when it comes to choosing the better option.

Okay here we go…. Fruit gums comparison
Luckily I was already sitting on my chair because these figures gave me a BIG fright.

I couldn’t find 3 of exactly the same type of fruit fruit gums but I don’t think it will make a big difference. I also typed the table out so it’s just a bit easier on the eye!

CHECK THE SUGAR CONTENT!!! Oh my goodness🤣!Excuse the pun. All of them above 40g per 100g😳😳

The simple truth is a bit less than the other 2 here but less in the fibre section.. Sodium is low in all of them. Even though none of them has got any ‘nasties’ added, the sugar is really a bit of an issue.
What I want you to realise is that fresh strawberries per 100g (about 6-7 strawberries) has got:

* 4.89g of sugar
*2g of fibre

Moral of the story, just be careful of dried fruit products, it may contain quite a lot of sugar. Natural sugar is still sugar!

Yes as a treat it is much better than chocolates but as an everyday lunchbox snack maybe not the best idea especially if you pack in the entire packet. Rather devide it up in 3 portions and add some nuts or seeds to it to make a type of trail mix😉
There you go!